Keno is someone who is very special and loving, he makes everyone laugh with his awkward cringey self. He will be there with you through the hardest times, Keno is a very loyal person that you really can't live without. Keno would do anything for anyone, he is so caring and sweet that he can really knock your socks off!! Keno will amaze you whenever you see him. If you meet a Keno, know you have found a loyal true friend or a very caring boyfriend.
Man, I'd love to be Keno!
by Im_a_potato_ February 10, 2018
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One of the worst casino games to play aside from the slots because the house has a high winning advantage. Basically, you pick a bunch of random numbers and pray that the stack of balls that gets dropped has at least some of your numbers. Almost comparable to Bingo.
The tourist lost $181,564 plus the cost of his car and his farm as a result of betting large sums of cash while playing Keno.
by AYB October 27, 2003
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When you try and spell neko and space out like a fucking idiot and misspell it
Hes a keno- I mean neko fuck I made a mistake like my parents did the day I was born
by Under fuck May 19, 2017
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Keno is a name for those who dont take shit from no one. He is brave and is like superman because he has glasses.
Keno is the man
by ifbiwejbfiwjend November 23, 2016
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Keno is the biggest fuckboy ever know to man kind. He goes off the groups of girls and tries to seduce them to make them fuck him. Ready to fuck anyone he gets hims perverted hands on. Loves to fuck german girls, fucks girls like nina all the time. fuckboy model.
Girl 1: omg did you see how that boy slept with 12 ugly bitches last week
Girl 2: he must be a keno
by me not taken September 17, 2018
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