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1. The tiny gnomes found in a garden that are following me in the night and trying to steal my sanity.
2. The tiny garden statuettes that secretly placed a chip in my brain.
3. Any girl that is shorter than 5 feet that resembles the statues known as garden gnomes.

That's an ugly garden gnome!
by Bob December 20, 2004
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What dumb Lance Corporals call Gunnery Sergeants when they are too drunk to realize that they can't say "Gunnery Sergeant"
Gysgt: What the Fuck were you thinking Martin!
Lcpl: I wasn't thinking, Garden Gnome...
Gysgt: Did you just call me a FUCKING GARDEN GNOME?!?!
by blizard29 August 27, 2009
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When kids run upto a house, knock on the door and strike a pose and wait until the person who owns the house closes the door out of boredom.
Man: Those little kids won't stop playing garden gnomes so i hit em.
Woman: What pose was it today?
by Bob2332 April 27, 2009
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