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Short for Gamma Phi Beta, Gamma Phi, g phi, or whatever else is the name for a sorority present on college campuses across the nation. Gamma Phis are notoriously friendly, welcoming, and FUN-- they know where the party is no matter what. They love a good time but are also amazingly intelligent, poised, and full of pride for themselves and their sisters. Like all houses, some girls are a lot more attractive than others, however, gamma phis are not so shallow as to deny membership becuase you need a haircut and some Proactive. You're young, you've still got to find out who you are, and thats what sororities are there for: To help you to develop yourself into a beautiful, successful young woman. Gamma Phis are kick ass young women who any girl should strive to imitate.

Im not even in Gamma Phi, but these girls are seriously my favorites. Everyone should take some time to get to know the awesome girls at their local gphi chapter.
Oh MY GOD. That Gamma Phi is so hot!! i wish i would have joined Gamma Phi instead of blahblahblah. God, what was i thinking??

Non sorority girl away message: BORED!!!! GOD IM SO BORING!!
Gamma Phi's away message: PARTY AT DELTS!!!! YAYYYY

Don't you wish you joined Gamma Phi??
by umchlovesgphi June 02, 2006
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