A word dumb poeple use to sound smart.
"Whats your opinion on the matter, Bob?"
"Oh, well I'm proactive."
by T April 25, 2003
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The things you do that you don't have to do that make all the difference when it's to late to do anything about it!
by zowie123 February 4, 2010
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according to me, proactive means getting some other significant information, then getting the desired information and then recalling the desired information
by darshan g godbole August 28, 2003
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When a guy ejaculated all up in a bitches or fags face.....named after the facial cream proactive...."facial"
Dawg i gave that bitch a proactive last night i was like skeet skeet all up in that grill like uhhhhhh
by jeffrey allen smith October 3, 2006
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