A supream sausage party involving large amounts of contraban and all forms of console devices. Occasionally bitches are invited/showup. Which links this to blowjob
by foug March 25, 2003
The act of drinking (and/or getting high) with your friends while there is a board game open somewhere in the room
Person A:Dude game night was lit! Annie got so drunk!
Person B: oh cool. What game did you guys play?
Person A: We had some uno cards
by Azirium February 4, 2021
game night increases the chances of winning a hockey game dramatically; namely, the Vancouver Canucks. the more people you have, the higher the chances of winning.
A: Dude, game night at my place?
B: Yeah man, we're definitely gonna win then.
by hockeymaniac April 28, 2011
A night in which folks get together for the ultimate purpose of getting laid (i.e. engage in sex with someone). Game night is more than a game, it is a philosphy and a state of mind. Game Night isn't hanging out with people and just having fun; it's about going on a mission.
Ben, Paul, Will and Jack got together and went downtown Friday night. As they realized it was Game Night, these guys wasted no time going about mugging down on some hoes.
by ChangBangHer June 30, 2005
A night where everyone in your family hates eachother because they are trying to win a pointless game (which someone usually cheat in, ruining the night even more). Then is you lose you just go rage and throw the bored game at the winner as a sign of defeat. Ghen they come onto this site and rant about how stupid it is.
Family Game Night sucks! I hate you!
by MadeBiJax March 9, 2019
A terrible night where the whole family gets around and plays board games. Something that you should avoid in your kid years.
Whose ready for Family Game Night?

Not Me.

by ItsMamaLuigi August 16, 2015