Possibly the single most horrible video game ever created. Such are the extent of its failings that it is now used to describe a botched job or error of epic proportions. Sometimes also used to describe violent torture.
"Dude, you made a total Galleon of that!"

"Avast! Swab the decks less ye be Galleoned!"
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The sexual act where one defecates on a partner's face, then proceeds to rub said faecal matter into the face with a back and forth motion of the buttocks. The buttock cleavage should form a groove into which the nose slots, providing a guide for this motion.

This was allegedly the act to which Meatloaf referred to in the iconic song lyric: "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that".
Jim: "Hey Randy, you know what Meatloaf wouldn't do for love?"

Randy: "Don't tell me, galleoning?"
by SirReginald January 13, 2011
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Guy 1: I played Gangplank Galleon while fuckin my bitch
Guy 2: what happened after that?
Guy 1: my dick grew 20 inches due to the raw greatness that the music is
by Sudsymemes January 1, 2019
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i’ve got 2 galleons on u
by September 10, 2020
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galleon sexual is when you have sexual likeings for a galleon.
hey I'm galleon sexual I know that it is weird but that ship is hot .
by WhiffyTheCunbucket June 18, 2022
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The act of asking for oral sex while riding the common amusement park ride, "the swinging pirate ship." The man is often denied and forced to wait for sex later.
Zack enjoyed the galleon for hours on end, it cost him many park tickets.
by Michelle Civic August 2, 2010
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