Gains is best described as a lifestyle that many take to put on muscle and get into shape.
The term has been popularized by the hodgetwins youtube channel.

However, gains isn't just about getting big muscles and looking lean. The complex lifestyle of making gains is commonly misinterpreted by the fat and lazy as simple meathead/roid user terminology. One will find that making gains consists of: the process of lifting, eating healthy, and making life decisions based off of ones health.

It can also refer to something that something that brings one great pleasure and be used to describe things or people.
"I've been making ALL KINDS OF GAINS"

"Lets go to the gym and make some gains"

"That bro looks pretty gainsy he must be doing roids"

"No, I'm not going to drink that beer. I don't want to kill my gains."

"Those eggs are straight up gains."

"Mirin' your gains bro, No Homo"

"haha that bitch is fat now, she must have been making some beer and cig gains"
by Gainsmaster July 6, 2013
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Can be used in any context, it means making progress or doing something for the purpose of self benefit.

No gains is the opposite to gains as and can be used accordingly eg. "I just totalled my brand new mercedes and got my suit dirty, No gains as!"
eg. "He just got that fresh pair of off white sneakers, thats gains as".

Or referring to muscle growth, "that fella just got out of the slammer, look at all of the gains as"
by Mush!e January 8, 2021
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What you have when you workout and get jacked.
Person 1: I've been working out all day and my gains are insane!
Person 2: Ye I know. But Bernard over there has been working out longer than you and still has no gains!
by ballsackballer May 28, 2015
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Awkward in everyday tasks especially while moving; Uncoordinated, both in physical and mental activities. The subject may perhaps be lacking a cerebellum.

One who drives the wrong way down one way streets. This statement also doubles as a metaphor for their life.

One who looks like The Dude (Jeff Bridges) and speaks like Neo/The One (Keanu Reeves).

An all together sobering person.
Wow John you would think walking down stairs would be an easy task for a twenty-three year old, but you just gainesed it.

John you were pulled over because you just gainesed your way down that one way street.
by Shaun Parker February 1, 2008
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The world revolves around getting gains therefore everything is gains, all human beings strive to recieve gains and get big. only tuna can help you recieve gains. gains gains gains gains are all types of gains, whereas gains are those which are acquired through protein heavy foods such as; tuna, tuna, steak, tuna and john west tuna. "Think of the gains"!
Tom J. wants all the gains and is addicted to gaining gains via the gym.

Phil H. has gained some christmas tree action

Jeffery B. Has all kinds of gains
by GainmanGain May 16, 2013
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To overkill a joke. When a joke is told by one person and then someone else keeps piggybacking and adding on to that joke until, at last, it has no humor left in it.
Man, we were having a couple of beers the other night and this chick walked in with those UGG boots. We all started laughing at her, but Jimmy kep going and going and going. I felt kinda bad, but he should've known he gained it.
by sebastain May 23, 2006
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A way of making artificial light in a movie and a media lecturers worst nightmare
I thought my movie was good, but the gain pretty much destroyed it
by Salanzarx November 19, 2018
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