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Gains is best described as a lifestyle that many take to put on muscle and get into shape.
The term has been popularized by the hodgetwins youtube channel.

However, gains isn't just about getting big muscles and looking lean. The complex lifestyle of making gains is commonly misinterpreted by the fat and lazy as simple meathead/roid user terminology. One will find that making gains consists of: the process of lifting, eating healthy, and making life decisions based off of ones health.

It can also refer to something that something that brings one great pleasure and be used to describe things or people.
"I've been making ALL KINDS OF GAINS"

"Lets go to the gym and make some gains"

"That bro looks pretty gainsy he must be doing roids"

"No, I'm not going to drink that beer. I don't want to kill my gains."

"Those eggs are straight up gains."

"Mirin' your gains bro, No Homo"

"haha that bitch is fat now, she must have been making some beer and cig gains"
by Gainsmaster July 6, 2013
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