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Briella is a beautiful, very funny kind of person. She will always keep you happy and very fun to hang with. She is flawless and loves pickles. She's very trustworthy and will help you through the rough times. Very good in bed and smart. You'd be lucky to be called a Briella.
Wow! She's a Briella today!

She looks beautiful today! I think she's going for a Briella look!

Wow! She was so good in bed! What a Briella!!
by Lola189 January 21, 2011
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Briella is an Italian surfer who loves comedy. She’s an amazing person and can often spot her dancing in the middle of a store or doing a crazy dare. Briella is a loyal friend and has a great future ahead. Her future will most likely be having her own comedy show. She’s a sexy girl and gets hit on by older boys. She’s beautiful and smart. She’s had a rough past of harassment but remembers to always be happy. Briella is always going to be there for no matter what and will never mature.
Sophie: Making a YouTube video about dancing in the store.

Carly: let me guess your with Briella?

Sophie : you know it!

Kaden: Briella is so hot but she’s younger than me it’s kinda weird

Lucas: LOL doesn’t everyone think that
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