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Get that nut. Or otherwise have sexual contact with a male.
Can be shouted when neccessary.
Veronica: Sean is sooooo hot, what do I do!
by sdhfgshdf! June 17, 2008
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made popular in the main line gtn is an acronym for the words get that nut, it is often screamed when two people are seen flirting or said when someone is attempting to get that nut
kate - omg connor is looking so sexy tonight
morgan - gtn girl!
by alwayzgtn September 06, 2010
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An abreviation of Get That Noose, used when something goes wrong and you don't want to say FML.

It's FML but better.
Rosie: Alistair, where's your Art book?

Alistair: I've forgotten it! GTN!!
by eafyy May 29, 2010
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slang for "get the notch" or it can be said differently with "that" GTN
GTN baby
dude did you GTN?
by brandongraydon June 10, 2010
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Internet Slang created by a geniuos on CDG Forums, meaning Giggling Through nose.
Monkeh> Im going to kick your arse!
Markeh> GTN!!!
by Mark David Barber July 11, 2004
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