Noose a device that is used to kill yourself wih Jake Paul along with his brother Logan Paul and their fans were the reason this is popular again
Wow Jake Paul is such a cunt he should use the noose
by NooseLord August 20, 2017
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Mans greatest invention
Joe: can you help me I’m depressed
Ned: Yeh here’s a noose!
Joe: Wow thanks man!
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by FijianFisher August 07, 2018
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A knot that is underappreciated by many. It is often only associated with committing suicide and depression when it is actually a very useful knot for various other reasons. Having the noose tying skills of a professional, I would recommend anyone to learn how to tie this knot regardless of whether or not they are suicidal.
Person 1: I'm going to tie a noose.
Person 2: But you have so much to live for!
Person 1: Sorry for worrying you, but I am actually tying this noose for fishing and boating purposes.
Person 2: Ah, I see! Nooses are very useful for that sort of thing.
Person 1: Want to go fishing with me? I can teach you how to tie a noose while we're there.
Person 2: Sure, that sounds great.
by HypothermiaIsCool November 19, 2017
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someone who makes you feel like you want to commit suicide every time they speak, conjuring the image of them being the noose tied around your head as you are about to hang yourself
wow jacob is being such a noose today
by darsenbrindel January 25, 2011
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Noose; cigarette, tab, bine. Noose coming from the hangmans noose used to hang people till they are dead. A slow death
"Knock me a noose will you" Lend me a cigarette
by Paul forster July 10, 2008
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