1)A guyanese-oriented gang that started out in Liberty Avenue Queens,New York in the early 90's. Members wear green bandanas.

2)Term used by Guyanese for "Georgetown" capital of Guyana.

1)Aye fam,dem Gt coolie bye runnin dem tings.


-Where you from in Guyana fam?
by Thugginwestside February 21, 2009
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A term meaning either Grand Touring or Gran Turismo, as Gran Turismo is Italian for Grand Touring. It is used as a trim level on many cars, almost from the conception of automobiles.

GT can also be used to represent Gran Turismo, as in the PlayStation/PlayStation 2 video game.
1. I own a Pontiac Grand Prix GT.
2. I own a Ford Mustang GT.
3. I own a Porsche Carrera GT.
4. I play Gran Turismo 4.
by autonut May 31, 2005
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Corey; Remember when you slapped me in the face last weekend?
Crackers; Yes, Gt's. Gt's.
by Mitch Falck December 06, 2007
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When something is really awesome but you dont want to make it a long sentence. It's kind of like a short form for something really great.
"That guy is a G.T." meaning "That guy is F*&% Hott"
by Milesa September 19, 2006
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"we GTed from there" "this party is lame. Let's GT"
by roni~Gurl April 30, 2008
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fuck all of the other definitions that u see on this page about cars n phrases. GT means that u are guyanese, regardless of race or ethnicity. it represents the capital, Georgetown. proud to be guyanese. wun big family.
im GT.
by rasmans May 12, 2006
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