Fred: Ay man you wanna GTL with me today?
Trey: Nah man I GTX. I make my women do my laundry.
Fred: Good Idea!
by JA-ALLDAY April 2, 2011
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GTX is the ultimate in everything. Smart, funny, and damn good looking, GTX is the future of the earth.
I want to be like GTX.

GTX is cooler than me.
by Wonuh October 23, 2004
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A GPU released in 2016.

It's not as good as a GTX 1080 or 1080ti, but gets the job done at 1080p 144Hz and 1440p 60Hz. (Ultra Settings)
-Wow, I just bought 4 GTX 1070's to put in SLI!

>You know most games can't use more than 2?

by RektSkrubs February 27, 2017
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What you know what a GTX 1080 is!

Why did I even bother to make this definition ¬_¬
by Unknown edge lord June 17, 2020
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Why are you searching GTX 1080 you know what it is!

Why don't you look for something else!
Person 1: Lets search up GTX 1080

Person 2: Are you silly?
by Unknown edge lord June 17, 2020
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The GTX 1080 is a very good and expensive graphics card.
idk what to write here this article is going to be deleted soon anyway
ps i don't have GTX 1080 cuz it's expensive AF
by Kompot xd February 12, 2017
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the worst fucking 2012 graphics card there is. don’t buy one
holy shit i can hardly run counter-strike: global offensive, the gtx 650 sucks
by Dark・Extremis November 12, 2021
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