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The cuddliest cutest most inspiring little ones (or things) ever. Could be persons, pets, tangible works, or virtual creations.
As in "the TRP Sweetlings", a noun. The "TRP Sweetlings" are children aged 1 to 19 years old from diverse family backgrounds living in a sub-urban neighbourhood of Uganda (East Africa), who regularly congregate at the TRP for spiritual, social, educational, relational, skill-aquisition and other activities that enhance godly character.
by Pty Ssed July 30, 2016

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Gospel Truth
I speak GT, she has ten babies!
by Pty Ssed July 04, 2019

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"SOY!" is "shame on you". SOY! is appropriate whenever anyone says, acts out, tweets or behaves selfishly and immaturely.
SOY! that you could even think such a thing!
by Pty Ssed May 07, 2019

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