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First, we will start with the best and the most kick-ass Australian motorcar ever produced. Made in 1971, this car comes it a 351 Cleveland V8 (5.8L) and an air intake caleld a "shaker" that sticks out of the bonnet on the Holley carby. In it's day it was known to be the fastest 4-door car ever produced. It is about 400+ hp stock and more torque than bubba in jail-showers could force. This people, was the XY GT.

There was also one called the XY GTHO Phase 3 which came with all the racing options and a 780 cfm Holley and this kicked ass in bathurst and any tracks you thew at it. All you aussie biatches stop boning the Holden Monaros and Commodores and get some taste.

There was also a Phase 4, but due to governemtn restrictions only 4 were produced. The XA GTHO Phase 4 would cost about $160,000 Australian or so now.

There was also previous phases known as the XW GTHO Phase 2 in 1970 which also had a 351 Clevo (350 hp) and similar stats, and the XT GTHO Phase 1 in 1969 with a 302 motor. The first 200 has Windsors and the last 50 had 351 (300 hp)Clevelands.

The 2003-2006 BA GT-P and BF GT-P (2006+) coming up will shit on any HSV. It's torque it way to much for any Holden dickhead to understand with just as much HP(KW).

Hmm lets see, Falcon GT = 5.4L V8 Quad Cam, 32 valve and plenty of headroom for bor(e)ing vs a Holden 5.7L V8 PUSHROD engine....Commodres gonna become End Of Line soon you Holden whores! How are they good??
Fanboy - "Oh, my VZ Holden HSV shits on any GT-P man."

Real World - "Ok, let's take it on the Hume Highway b!tch in my BF Falcon GT-P."

Fanboy - "Ermm, no, I still have to fix up that oil leak I got in the motor because Holdens are shit and I hit my knee on the door and it's technically a write off because the airbag went off and blew up the seat because they go off randomly and the materials of the car are made to last a month"

Real world - "HA HA HA" =D
by Drunkenmasta May 02, 2006

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1. Known as Grand Tourismo or Grand Tourer for cars. Usually sportscars. Ford Mustang GT, Ford Falcon GT.

2. A range of graphic cards released by Nvidia. There are the 6600 GT, 6800 GT and the 7800 GT and 7800 GTX. The are set usually in between the Non-Ultra and the Ultra series i.e 6800nu,6800 GT, 6800 Ultra.
1."Wow, that Mustang GT kicks ass." "Yeah, and the Falcon GT took out that little shitbox as well."

2. "Help me man, I have the cash to get a sweet graphics card to play games really well. I can afford the non-ultra, but not the Ultra. I really need the Ultra though!" Reply "Get the GT then, it's as close as you will get to an Ultra and only a little more than the Non-Ultra."
by Drunkenmasta July 23, 2005

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