ms. led: gt
ReGuLaToR<OG>:you call that trying?
ms. led: at least you tried
by wiCkEd eEv January 27, 2003
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Gee, Thanks...

A sarcastic remark when someone tries to do something nice for someone else, and is rejected by the recipient.
"Hey, I bought you these penis enlargement pills because I overheard you crying about small penis problems."

"...GT, asshole"
by Riley July 20, 2004
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Gay Turd.

Basically this guy named "Travis" who lives in New York who thinks he can score with this girl that lives in Ohio named "Emily". Hah, what an idiot!
guy: "Dude don't be a GT!"
by St. Anger April 19, 2005
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Dude: WTF does this mean? i can't read it!
Dude2: GT it
Dude: ok
by Xathanos November 28, 2010
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A noun, "Gay Town", which refers to a place. This is a mythical town, probably in California or Canada if it exists at all, where people run around publicly celebrating their homosexual activity. It probably looks like Candyland with queers and dykes being all super gay. This is also commonly used as an adjective. Some call it homophobia. I just call those people fags.
Flagstaff is so GT this time year of when the Indingo Girls come through with Pride in the Pines following shortly after. Fuckin Fags!
by Greg DeM May 17, 2007
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Also known as "Saturobi Asuma." A modern slang term used for the Discharge caused by Ghonorea.
"Dude, I woke up to find GT on my underwear, that's the last time I buy a hooker for half-off."
by Dr. Mycoxaphlopin December 02, 2004
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