I honestly have no idea what it means. Probably some techy thing in the computer
by Consolefanboy March 4, 2018
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A term often used by the Cryptocurrency community miners, where one would repeatedly spend their income on buying a new GPU whenever it's possible.
"I waited 13 hours outside of bestbuy yesterday, they had a new shipment of some RTX 30's GDDR6X cards."
" Once you buy a GPU to mine, you'll almost certainly buy more GPUs lol. GPU Addiction is a thing."
" I've been mining for a year, and all of my income have been spent on buying more GPUs for my operation."
by baby333 December 26, 2022
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The act of your jizz leaking out of your hdmi/vga port on your computer's GPU.
Bro look at this video of my GPU Jizz!!
by The Kitten Whisperer TD March 12, 2023
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this will never come as he is retarded
Anyone: "matteo when is your gpu coming?" Matteo's gpu=shit
Matteo: "I'm $800 down this is awful"
Anyone: "hasn't it been three months?"
Matteo: "Fuck off"
by Matteo's magic gpu November 10, 2021
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Something 8 year olds joke of because it's too expensive when it's not for games
Me: I'm gonna get a professional editing gpu for my photos:
8 year old: Oh yeah you can play roblox with 2 fps very nice
Me: *slaps 8 yr old with tank*
by trumpation August 26, 2020
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Something used to output video signals from a monitor, dedicated GPUs fuck their socket, integrated GPUs have no need to fuck. Expensive as fuck
Dan: I just got a new GPU
Joe: Which one?
Dan: the new 4090
by ComputerFucker March 21, 2023
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