High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) A Cable which has a capability of sending uncompressed video and Dolby 7.1
surround sound. However HDMI is required for Full HD 1080p
I use HDMI in the back of my BD player and i was dreaming
by jeezboii May 5, 2007
The same as DVI, but sends sound and makes it easy for companies to enable DRM Protection
Newbs also think it sends better quality video than VGA and DVI
Newb: I'm going to replace my DVI cable with HDMI because it's better quality.
Me: You're such a newb!
by ada101 December 8, 2013
"ok baby. You ready? I'm going in."
"Okk... Oh..oh... HDMI! HDMI!"
by Washington Q Irving July 8, 2019
HDMI, a.k.a the 3 plagues of social work will kill more people in America than any white supremacist attack.
by Sexydimma June 16, 2021
The thing my PlayStation is on and it connects to the tv with magic aka a cable
At yo homye get the 12 gauge and the HDMI 3 cable so I can connect the kfconsole to the tv and shoot a bloke will yu bitch
by Bruhnana man February 14, 2021
An adapter that lets you connect a MacBook to two HDMI monitors
The Satechi USB-C to Dual HDMI Adapter Space Grey is ideal for creating a dual-screen work-from-home, content creation, or gaming setup using your Macbook.
by Officeworks May 21, 2022