a fool or stupid person, or use to describe a womans genitals
your some gowl, or that girl has a smelly gowl
by yurt September 14, 2011
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A slang term for female genitalia. The usage of this word confined mainly to rural Ireland, has now spread to urban areas with increasing popularity.
It can be used in many different explicit contexts but mostly when discussing a friends mother's vagina.
The origin of the word, while contentious is thought to originate from the french version of the Bonnie Tyler song; Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The term can also be used when refering to an event that is never likely to occur.

Verb; to "gowl" someone is usually said in the context of shoving ones fingers' in anothers face.

"Eoin what does the veal taste like? It reminds me of your oul' one's gowl."

"I'll gowl you in the face if you aren't careful."

"Michael, are you going to the library? I am in me gowl!"
by ted123456789 May 23, 2007
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β€œYo, what was that noise?” β€œPretty sure it was a gowl.”

β€œDamn, Jayden sounds like a gowl right now.”
by ireallydontlikemyself September 12, 2020
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When a person utters a long, moaning primal cry. It is almost a combination of a howl, growl and wail. It is often most seen during a strong pleasurable experience at the moment of climax. May be accompanied by shaking and twitching of the entire body.
"Do you know that John has never had sex with a woman and he is over 40 years old?"
"Yeah, I bet if a good woman got ahold of him, he be gowling!"
by danmk November 05, 2006
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