Our Great Orange God. A synonom for the god of wrestling, the immortal Hulk Hogan.
Dude, did you see that video of our GOG body slamming Andre the Giant at WM3?
by Scott269 February 22, 2008
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It stands for galore of giggles. It is the exact same as LOL, but a newer version that is not overused.
I had sex with my girlfriend today, GOG!
by Bercules June 26, 2009
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A loud , opinionated , bullshitter usually from the valleys of Wales .

Q . How will I know if I am in contact with a "GOG"?
A . You will be engaged by a fellow (usually called Alun )

who will proceed to tell you how he has coached world class rugby players , caught fish the size of Moby Dick , flown an aircraft for 80 hours (more than Douglas Bader ), been a rally driving champion, owned thirty two dogs and claims that when he worked for a now defunct Ford garage he was the Parts Manager when he was really the van monkey like postman Pat driving around the shire .
Q . Should I be worried on meeting a GOG ?
A . No , just ignore his tyrade of shit and he will fuck off .
Q . How will I know if he s lying ?
A . His eyes will be open and his lips moving .
Q . What will he look like ?
A . He will be of smart apperance but will have a wonky eye , a fucked up hand and a metal plate in the back of his head ( apparently gained from an encounter with the Turpitz !)
1 Oi ! GOG fuck off back to your cave/van !
2 Run GOG is coming !

3 looks like we re in for some GOG tales of the unexpected
by gerrycan July 5, 2009
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GOG = Great Old Games , is used like a gamers divinity.
<1> GOG! , 1 L0V3 SC2 </1>
by Drasky Vanderhoff January 28, 2009
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To laff really hard

to find some thing ammusing
look i found a funny joke gog

knok knok whos there ?
dr who ??
you said my name

isnt it funny gog
by andrew morris002 March 2, 2009
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When you see a lad on the street and you for a good ol' gogg, but you get gogged yourself.
Person 1: Damn heard you got in a fight last night
Person 2: Yeah, he absolutely gogged me
by Buggajayjay June 24, 2018
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A way to trash talk your opponent, typically used after a fight.
Steve: Oi Ryan you just got absolutely gogged mate.
by TheGogster June 25, 2018
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