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A loud , opinionated , bullshitter usually from the valleys of Wales .

Q . How will I know if I am in contact with a "GOG"?
A . You will be engaged by a fellow (usually called Alun )

who will proceed to tell you how he has coached world class rugby players , caught fish the size of Moby Dick , flown an aircraft for 80 hours (more than Douglas Bader ), been a rally driving champion, owned thirty two dogs and claims that when he worked for a now defunct Ford garage he was the Parts Manager when he was really the van monkey like postman Pat driving around the shire .
Q . Should I be worried on meeting a GOG ?
A . No , just ignore his tyrade of shit and he will fuck off .
Q . How will I know if he s lying ?
A . His eyes will be open and his lips moving .
Q . What will he look like ?
A . He will be of smart apperance but will have a wonky eye , a fucked up hand and a metal plate in the back of his head ( apparently gained from an encounter with the Turpitz !)
1 Oi ! GOG fuck off back to your cave/van !
2 Run GOG is coming !

3 looks like we re in for some GOG tales of the unexpected
by gerrycan July 05, 2009

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One who is completly untrustworthy , A Burgess is said to have come from the Shepton Mallet area of the West Country .

Q . How will I know if I come into contact with A Burgess ?
A . He will try to befriend you whilst trying to stick a knife in your back !
Q . Is He dangerous ?
A . Yes , especially if he is a work collegue , or member of a social club or small time football club .
look out A Burgess is coming ! put you steel vests on !

I wish Burgess would just fuck off and try and shit on somebody elses lawn !

Please can somebody drop Burgess off at the nearest desert island so he can fuck a parrot !
by gerrycan July 05, 2009

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