Greatest Of All Time. Used very loosely, more so to describe anything even remotely good. This word is derived from the word "goat", an animal, "goat" being derived from "got", which is derived from "Zlatan Ibrahimovic".
That Capra aegagrus hircus is very GOAT.
by Bob The Guy February 6, 2014
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After his Super Bowl LI performance Tom Brady is the indisputable GOAT!
by Boozeturd February 24, 2017
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An term used to describe a couple that is made up of a good looking girl and an ugly guy.
"Hey look at that couple over there. What a Goat!"

"Yeah she's smokin' hot and he looks like a toad. He must be either rich or have a huge penis."
by Shayne Buckskin April 30, 2008
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A reference to the Pontiac GTO for gear heads.
My GOAT will beat your Pony Car any day.
by Rhynio87 September 23, 2011
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Greatest Of All Time. Not that fucking hard like how do people get this wrong so often it makes my dick limp.
by Whatta Juul December 30, 2021
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acronym which stands for "Greatest of all time". Came from american sprinter Maurice Greene having "GOAT" written on a tattoo on his arm. Usually a pretty arrogant call for someone to make if they refer to themselves as being the GOAT, but is common.
Alex: "Oh Saunders, here he is, this kid is the GOAT"
by Gav800 September 7, 2005
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Geek Of All Trades
DaVinci was the king of all GOATS. He pretty much knew everything about everything.
by holtrain July 30, 2011
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