Damn did you guys just see the goat pass that ball for a touchdown?!
by Ohdamnijustdidthat October 31, 2017
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GOAT - Greatest Of All Time

In 1963 the up and coming boxer Cassius Clay boasted: "I am the greatest!"

Soon afterwards Clay converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali became The Greatest Of All Time and he was The Prettiest too (there was never a scratch on Muhammad Ali). Ali made all the rest of them look like bums.

The problem was that the Almighty God of Islam, Allah, holds a claim over this title in Islamic Law which has gone undisputed for hundreds of years. The leader of the Nation Of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, told Muhammad Ali that he was obliged to say: "Allah is The Greatest!"

This was clearly disputable by Ali and everyone knew it. Deep down Allah knew it too, Muhammad Ali was way too much for him to handle.

Allah tried humiliating Ali in the ring when he got older but it never changed public opinion. Having found it impossible to defeat Ali in a fair fight, Allah resorted to wearing down the Greatest with a long term degenerative disease. It took him over thirty years.

The bum, Allah, has since been allowed to retain the title 'The Greatest'.

Muhammad Ali is now recognised as THE G.O.A.T.
'Muhammad Ali is the GOAT!'
by Mangozapp March 14, 2019
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by THEGOAT99 September 20, 2021
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App where you can buy and sell shoes that are new or used
Yo I just copped these sick Jordan Royals off GOAT
by TheSaintOs November 24, 2017
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Simply stated..... PLUG

One who can find anyone on on the net. If he has a picture, a partial name, a letter or a tattoo he will find them. Only 2 GOATS of this type exist. The other being the mythical Brett Harris. The two GOATS combined make the likes of Dick Tracy, Perry Mason and Inspector Gadget seem like amateurs.

The GOAT may also deem anyone he sees fit as a GOAT of a different genre the GOAT of their field. Ex. The undeniables such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Donald Trump to name a few. Along with the debatables like Steph Curry, the NBA white GOAT, Larry Bird and LT Christopher Henderson of fire service fame.
The GOAT knows all... or at least thinks he does. Many will argue this and the GOAT in his space chimpness will agree.
by Bricksquad71/A May 15, 2018
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