Gurren Lagann Syndrome - When an anime has multiple openings, but they are the same song with different lyrics and visuals. Examples of this include both openings of Gurren Lagann and the openings for Hunter x Hunter 2011.
"This anime has good openings, but suffers from GLS"
by TurtyTheTurtle February 24, 2018
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General Laborer

Originated in the staffing industry, used to describe poor unreliable workers. Also used to describe anyone with who is lazy, unreliable, and makes poor life decisions.
Brittany: Did Josh show up to work today?

Dmitrie: Nah, he called in saying he couldn't come in because someone had rear-ended him on the way to work. This is literally the third accident this month, guys totally lying.

Brittany: Oh my goodness what a big GL!
by Janfling February 03, 2017
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GL & HF means good luck and have fun. It is nice to say this to people at the start of a game.
GL & HF in this minigames guys!
by FFMikey May 10, 2016
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Gl Roberts is an ass high school.... the teachers there are shit and the grade nines this year are so annoying:)......the grade nines never stop running in the halls......Gl Roberts teaches make you work outside in the freezing cold.....Gl Roberts can not afford heat or ac because they are poor mother fuckers.....the janitors don’t know how the fuck to clean:) half of the kids hear smell like complete shit and dirty ass hole:).....and the cafeteria food taste like rotten ass:)
by A student from Gl Roberts:) October 05, 2018
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