A mild oath. Roughly equivalent to saying "Jesus Christ" as an oath, but less severe, and used so as not to get stricken down for blasphemy.
Geez Louise! I can't believe this definition isn't in here yet! (Actually I saw one but it was misspelled.)
by fizzle April 5, 2004
same as saying "Jesus Christ!" but in a lighter manner. Usually used to express exclamation.

In the movie "Thelma and Louise", Thelma: "Geeze, Louise. That wasn't very nice." Many think this to be the origin of this expression.
by ShoXell August 1, 2009
oh my gooooodddd, i can't believe it.
when something is unbelievable.
"i never was a cheerleader, and i didn't make the squad, but GEEZ LOUISE, im'a be america's next top model!"
by cerys anne April 19, 2006
geez louise is what the police say of they almost say Jesus. Which then becomes Jeepers creepers when they are impelled to say geez louise.
geez louise, how hot is it?
by Bryn Benn April 4, 2020