An acronym, which stands for "Good luck, have fun". Meant as a salutation at the beginning of a game, usually a sign of good will.
At the beginning of a game:
<Shadow>: glhf
<Carzat>: u2
by NGsShadow May 05, 2013
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Usually said in online games before the match:
"glhf" -> Enjoy the game
by Mantau September 28, 2011
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glhf means good luck, have fun.
it is usually said before games or when someone joins your discord server-
mee6: (user) just joined the server glhf!

player: glhf everyone!
by November 08, 2020
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Gravy laden hand fuck.

When one is given a usually high intensity hand job, by a hand covered in brown or white gravy.

While often terribly messy, they are great fun.
Guy one: Dude, last night was nuts.

Guy two: Oh yeah, what happened?

Guy one: My girl gave me a glhf, no joke.

Guy two: .... Well shit.
by All Onestar June 21, 2011
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