A counter-strike term used in scrimmages and matches meaning "Live On Three."
Alright, get ready guys, it's lo3.
by Brian March 2, 2004
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An abbreviation for the words Live On Three, which is said during cyberathletic matches, or scrimmages, between to qualifying teams. When lo3 is said a CAL(Cyberathleric Amatuer League) configuration file is executed which restarts 3 times consecutivly, then the scrimmage is considered Live
iG | recondite: lo3
iG | Seven: lo3
SK|Eriksson <fisker>: we're getting owned
by recondite July 13, 2005
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The abbreviation for "live on 3. good luck have fun, faggots" Specifically used before a match in CS:GO. This term is commonly used for little assholes who's mom didn't give them their V-bucks. The little assholes in the match are usually toxic and t-bag you whenever you die. They spam in chat "LOL" "EZ" "DIE FGT" "TRASH" "LMAO".

If you use this term, grow the fuck up.

Player 1: "lo3 glhf fgts"
Player 2: ur fgt wym lol
Player 3: good luck
Player 4: stupid ass nigga
by roboblitz January 6, 2022
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