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Acronym for "Google It Mother Fucker." Used for when people ask asinine questions which are easily answered by typing in a few keywords into google.
<Idiot>: Hey guys, does anyone know pi to the 10th digit?
<Smart Ass>: GIMF!
by Ionizer March 20, 2007
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Google is my friend. From the acronym "GIYF" meaning Google Is Your Friend.
Online forum:

<ignorant person> - How in the hell do know so much about computer programming if you didn't take any classes?

<Google user> - dude u must not no wat google is google is god, GIMF man
by linuxmonstr November 01, 2009
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gimf is used to describe an attitude. In the area of popular music (rock, pop etc) musicians who are being "gimf" are writing and recording music with half an eye on quantity as well as quality - it means having an open mind about the creation of the music. For example, a band may toil for months producing a song for a CD single, and as extra tracks, may well include songs that were recorded in a hurry and deemed not polished enough, these tracks would be "gimf".
Two musicians are recording together. One says "Are you sure this is going to work, it sounds wierd", the other one replies "Don't worry, it's gimf!"
by John Hodgson July 16, 2006
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Google it mother fucker.
A response to texts asking you for an answer that is easily obtained by googling.
Hey man, what time is the Mayweather-Mcgregor fight?
by jimmythebartender August 23, 2017
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A "Grandma I'd Maybe Fuck"

A term coined by Ashton Watson and Jon Fabian while hunting panthers.
"See that panther right there"
"Na dude thats a Gimf"
"whats that ?"
" A grandma I'd Maybe Fuck"
by Steverobs October 27, 2011
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