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1. To "google" something, meaning to look it up on Google.

2. To search for something in general
"Wanna know more about the French Revolution? Google it"

"Google this"
by Kristin November 18, 2004
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verb, 1. The act of searching the internet for absolutely nothing in ones spare time.
2. To back up a claim by saying "Google It!"
I was on the Bucknell Basketball team, if you don't believe me Google It!
by C. Pendergast October 01, 2006
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"Google It" can be used as an answer to any question that you dont know, and does not result in you feeling stupid.

"Given that time is infinate and the universe is ever expanding..........what colour G-String does Boy George wear most?"

"I dunno.........Google It" (Pink by the way)
It can also be used to back up a massive bullshit, as saying "Google It" instantly makes the statement Gospel.

"Did you know that ferrets are just rats that have come out the closet?"
"Ney its true!!! Google It"
by GazNVixDicto May 04, 2010
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the word googleit is derived from the two words "google" and "it". however, when used together they take on a whole new meaning. whenever a question is asked of someone and they have no clue as to the answer, out of sheer and utter intelligence, the answer should be: GOOGLE IT!!!!!!
Charles asked me, " what is an antenem?" I thought it was my mothers sister and all of her children. But as to not make him look bad, i kindly said, "I don't know charles, GOOGLEIT"!!!
by sweetontweety7777 December 06, 2009
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When you need to find something (word definition, restaurants, dentists, doctors, hair dressers, car dealers.... list goes on and on) and don't know where to look for so the first place to go is You can almost be certain to find some kind of answer. Can be used in any tense (present, past, past present, future)
I just don't know where to get that really good hair spray Kelly had, so I am just going to Google it.
by urban it December 16, 2009
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An answer to a question that you are too lazy to answer.

Also used for a question that's hard or awkward to answer.
Person 1: What's a sheeple?

Person 2: Just google it.


Person 1: What's a hemorrhoid?
Person 2: Uhhh... just google it.
by soulchildremix September 15, 2010
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