A direct command telling someone to immediately go vigorously masturbate. GFY is usually intended to communicate that you can't do anything for someone (usually a friend) who is acting like a sniveling idiot and that they should take responsibility for themselves.
Whiner Dude: “But, but they said mean things about me and hurt my feelings.”
Manly Dude: “GFY”
by The Disinfectant January 24, 2009
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GFY (Good From You) a form of banter used to approve/commend a friend for an exceptionally witty comment/call. Best used in the context of a group chat to signify to other members that you endorse your fellow compatriots position on the topic of matter.
Oliver: *eating a Maxibon on the chocolate end (opposed to the biscuit end)*
Lachie: "Doesn't the chocolate melt in your hand?"
Michael: "Not Oliver's, as he is cold blooded"
Lachie: "GFY Michael"
by luvs2spooge4u June 6, 2017
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what you say to a teacher or parent or skeezy dork at your school when you want them to fuck off. the clean abbrev version of go fuck yourself
"oh, you have diarrhea?"
by kimmmmmmmmay June 3, 2009
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Brad: hey Vince remember that girl you were talking to lastnite well sorry dude i got her number.

Vince: you know what Brad, GFY thats all i got to say to you.
by don vino June 21, 2010
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Awww GFY - can't believe you actually just stood in dog crap!
by Super_Gran December 13, 2009
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How was your weekend...good, GFY
by CKI July 15, 2012
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1. Acronym for "Go Fuck Yourself."

2. Acronym for the blog Go Fug Yourself, used by the writers of the blog.
1. You don't like me? GFY!
2. I wonder what's going on at GFY headquarters today?
by hollylite June 26, 2010
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