guy 1: "I pwned ur bitchass u n00b"
guy 2: "GFY, now GFY!"
by BlessROK April 7, 2005
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Can mean either "go fuck yourself" or "good for you", both usually in an offensive manner.
First Meaning:
Person 1: "Hey!"
Person 2: "What do you want?"
Person 1: "GFY!"

Meaning 2:
Person 1: I got an A on my test, everyone!
Person 2: GFY *rolls eyes*
by Flyingel May 6, 2015
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Sean: Dude its bad you got dumped on Valentines.
Mike: GFYS.
by AayCueTru April 11, 2009
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Jenny: hey I just got an A+ on my test!
John: gfy!

Jenny: gfy John!
John: what did I do to you?
by trickleonmypickle April 15, 2018
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Go Fuck Yourself

For a better explanation, go to or see fuck.
by Bentley Smith May 19, 2004
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