An acronym for "Go Fuck Yourself" but can be resorted to "Good For You" when called out on it. Often used on someone who is flaunting their status or situation.
"That boy you like just asked me out"


"Did you just tell me to go fuck myself?"
"No Girl, Good for you!"
by Soldcar4GasMoney December 9, 2016
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Used by romance writers to describe a male character who was straight until he unexpectedly falls in love with another guy: "Nathan was into women until he met you, Seth. Now, he is totally GFY (Gay For You)."
by hughlock January 30, 2018
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Also a synonym to wordcoprophile.

From the nickname of a famous shit-eater, arguably the first on the Quakenet IRC network.
<gfy> hi ! anyone knows how long has been down ? fdjalk !
by sturo July 8, 2003
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Local hard rock band hailing from Worcester, MA.
Dude: "Did you go to the GFY show last night?"
Other Dude: "Yeah, they're sic."
by gfy23 September 4, 2008
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Could mean either "Go fuck yourself" or "Good for you". Either one works quite effectivly.
person1: "Yeah, I won the prize!11!!!1"
by Blarg June 22, 2004
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gfy's - go fuck yourselves

plural form of gfys.

go fuck yourselves
hey Mr. cunt Southwood (some old wrinkly homo from spaghetti westerns)

you, your friends, your political party, and all your multiple personalities can go find yourselves squarely atop your own wrinkly impotent acorns. gfy's
by WordRepoMan January 21, 2013
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