1. Someone with no sense of humour and finds all jokes rubbish, and makes a point of saying so as well.

2. Someone who is always upset and thinks the world is on his or her shoulders and no amount of jokes or light hearted banter snaps them out of it.

3. Doom and gloom nay-sayer or negative nancy that sees the bad in everything and everyone and has no problem pointing it out to everyone either.

4. All of the above rolled into one giant meat bag of repulsive miserable cuntness.
Bob: So, do you like me new suit?
Dave: No.
Bob: Why not?
Dave: Because it looks crap, you look crap, the world looks crap, and basically everything is crap.
Bob: Oh shut the fuck up you miserable cunt!

by Slim Vision May 28, 2007
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A female who is never happy, no matter what you do or how much you spend. Someone who complains about everything, up to and including the $200 dinner you JUST BOUGHT HER TONIGHT.

See bitch.
I thought she was on the rag that first week of dating, but it turned out that she's just a miserable cunt.
by DoctorThrottle April 29, 2004
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