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GFP is an acronym for 'gay furry porn'.
1- Hey, would you like some GFP?
2- Heck yeah!
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by ominous blue evaporating eel February 24, 2019
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Meaning "good for pics" (antonym: "bad for pics"), the term applies to the quality of pictures of a person, place, or situation that are taken with the purpose of being published on a website, such as Facebook. Really attractive people, places with cool lights, and alcohol are all things that would be GFP in an album. Losers, board games, and bad parties in general would all be classified st BFP.
"Let's build a beeramid! It would be so GFP"
"I arranged the red Solo cups in a beer pong formation. We all know it's GFP".
by Cat Baker December 14, 2008
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Gay For Pay. When a male (or woman I suppose) who is straight, does gay porn because they desperately need money.
My brother had no way to pay rent, his only option was to go GFP.

His parents abandoned him when they found out he was GFP.
by IAmDempster March 17, 2010
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Great Fucking Potato. Inspiring awe or admiration. Acknowledgment of a person, thing, idea, statement, etc. for its indisputable awesomeness.
Mike: "That burger was so good!"
TJ: "Yeah man, GFP."
by TJTHEGREAT June 30, 2010
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Wayne "Do you want a beer?"
Pat "No, I have to workout tonight"
Wayne "Quit being such a GFP and have a beer"
by Wayne The 1st December 03, 2013
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