4 definitions by Wayne The 1st

Wayne ,"that top is so cute, is that cashmere? "
Jill,"Wayne you're such a fagista "
by Wayne The 1st June 13, 2015
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Wayne "Do you want a beer?"
Pat "No, I have to workout tonight"
Wayne "Quit being such a GFP and have a beer"
by Wayne The 1st December 4, 2013
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Non-English Speaker, a person that can barely speak English that you required to communicate with.
Joe "Did you get home safe last night?"
Mitch "No! The cabbie was an NES and dropped me off on the wrong side of town.."


"Yuck! Stupid NES got my coffee order wrong again!"
by Wayne The 1st December 4, 2013
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When wiping your ass and your finger breaks through the toilet paper.
"hey Nick, Smell this finger!"
"Dude, did you just toffee finger in the bathroom you sicko?!"
by Wayne The 1st December 16, 2015
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