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Big Fucking Pussy. Commonly used when text may accidentally be seen by third parties and may offend the viewer, such as a business setting or amongst elders.
Vick is a virgin, he's a BFP when it comes to meeting women!
by gettin_loaded October 27, 2018
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BFP, or Born For Porn, is the description one attributes to a female who's style screams pornographic movie chic. It's more than a look - it's the attitude as well, the no-care view of sex and a filthy swagger. Starving for penis. Always. You see a girl, you think porn. BFP baby.
Whoa she is BFP - her tits are great, and that dress is so short, and she's walking around like she owns the place!
by Obadiah Snookie December 05, 2010
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Meaning "bad for pics" (antonym: GFP good for pics), the term refers to any person, place, object, or activity that would diminish from the quality of the pics that appear in a Facebook album. Parents in party pics or daytime consumption of alcohol would all be considered BFP. Also, certain characters that are notoriously unpopular or disliked would be BFP.
"Rebecca and Sam are coming to the party tonight. They're BFP. I'll edit those girls out of the pics."
"Her parents bought them alcohol after prom and then they appeared in the Facebook album watching everyone drink. That's so BFP"
by Cat Baker January 21, 2009
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Big Floppy Penis Syndrome. A rare desease where the penis exceeds 10 feet but is always floppy.
Guy1: Danny has bfps!
Asian/Brian: What is bfps?
Guy1: Your mom.
Asian/Brian: ...
Guy1: Faggot.
by apocalypse5 April 23, 2006
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