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Grenade Free Foundation- a place with no ugly or fat girls (known as grendades) allowed usual refered to on Jersey Shore.
Pauly D: "Oh shit this guy doesn't know this is a GFF. Someone should tell his girlfriend."
by gang slayer August 07, 2010
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Stands for: Grenades Free Foundation

Phrase that the cast of Jersey Shore Season 2 uses, especially Mike, The Situation, Pauly D, Vinny, and Ronnie.

(G.F.F. is seen on Episode 3 "Creepin" on the BlackBoard in the backround--clearly shown when Vinny is passing out on the bean bag)
Tonight we're going to Klutch to support the G.F.F.!
by MalThePal August 16, 2010
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Girl Friend Forever.
A play on BFF or best friend forever. Basically implies that you'll never marry the person your with but still reap the benefits of being married without the commitment.
I love Susan but we'll never get married, she's my GFF.
by JoeyBallard March 28, 2011
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Golfing Friends Forever - a take off of "BFF." A friendship between a group of mails forged on the golf course. Because these men aren't comfortable being categorized as "best friends," the more masculine addition of golf is an acceptable way to label the relationship without hinting to any sort of level of disclosure or friendship.
Dave wouldn't meet the other dads in the neighborhood for conversation and coffee, but he was comfortable playing golf with them. In fact, I think he considers them to be his GFFs.
by The Quipster June 15, 2013
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Gamingforce Interactive Forums. An elitest hellhole of a forum where the regulars flame newbies every day, the elitests themselves decide when you are finally "cool" after acquiring a "reputation" of said coolness. This only occurs after a lengthy period of time has passed (Years). Owned by an extremely ugly looking asian man.
(Newcomer who just registered): "This seems like a nice video game forum. I think I'll make my intro thread."

After making intro thread...ten replies have been made, the latest one being an elitest like a lurker, Sassafrass, others...

Elitest reply: "Hey newbie, you like video gams and anime, huh? FUCK OFF THEN!!"

Upon reading that, the newcomer never sets foot in GFF ever again.
by Mr. Bird January 28, 2005
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GFF Gordon Freedom Fighters A biggest gang in North Shore of Sydney, specializing in crashing parties of privet school boys such as Barker College - little brothers crew came after them.
trade marks, giving wedgies to 18 years old sisis!
by gff March 10, 2004
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Give a Fuck Factor; the level to which one gives a fuck, often measured on a scale from 0 to 100.
McDonald's patron #1: Excuse me, I had ordered a Big Mac, not a salad.

Laqueesha: <silence, examines fake nails>

McDonald's patron #1: Ummm...excuse me, miss? I had wanted a burger???

Laqueesha: <silence>

McDonald's patron #2: Dude, just give up. Her GFF is obviously 0.
by quacker1111 October 16, 2007
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