"roll out with your pole out".
"jump out with your stump out".
"kick out with your dick out".
by peshyboyyyyy January 9, 2009
Getting super freaky and nasty with your man,nutting on your face,etc
“Im getting slutted out by my boyfriend tonight im feeling freaky
by Danyydane March 31, 2020
To work hard towards success helplessly and endure hardship, thrift, starvation and/or sleepless days and nights; to achieve one’s goals through unconventional, often illicit methods
After selling water bottles and loose cigarettes for months, the homeless ex-con saved up for his new apartment and found employment soon after. He really had to get it out the mud.
by Buy XRP August 15, 2021
1. Term meaning to stop or wanting to leave an area to stop witnessing what was going on 2. Refusal to a claim.
Definition One
1: (Person mixes food together to create weird substance)
2: Girl, get me out. That is disgusting.

Definition Two
1: Look at how hot he looks!
2: Get me out! He is not even near cute.
by Soongii June 16, 2017
Doing something you wish you didn't have to, or are otherwise obligated to do, in order to make life easier.
The mall is a nightmare at Christmastime, I'm Getting It Out Of The Way this November.
by Pseudonym789987 December 4, 2020