GUIDO DAVE. when you have nothing to do and just have that urge to go to the gym, get a tan, and do laundry. Additionally, you take a strong attraction towards either chicks with ink all over their bodies or little korean girls that get nose surgery.
jus got dis chick's numba yo, feelin so fuckin GD
by huhhuhtrain December 13, 2010
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Someone tricked you. Someone lied to you. Or you gipped him out of something.
I g'd Mr. Bernardo to get out of detenion.
by Shamarie March 18, 2004
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Gangsta Disiples Folk Nation Originally from Chicago expanded farther also in Lafayette, IN (where I'm at) no longer race oriented in most parts.
GD is the the realist niggas and crackers this side of L.A.I.
by Doe C Doe February 24, 2005
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"I have the perfect plan for tomorrow, beach then strawberry picking for smoothies!" - person 1

"I can't, I'm going to Georgia for 3 weeks" - person 2
"GD!!" - person 1
by CAweeeehoooo July 09, 2009
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"Gangsta Disciple," a.k.a. "Growth&Development":
A wise man(human being) who follows his life as a Gangsta;
A member of the Gangsta Disciple Nation(To Represent: flag colors=Blue+Black;Hat or anything that can be is cocked to the right; pitchforks up; Under the Six Point Star of King David);
A wise man(human being) who follows that which is real;
A wise man(human being) who follows himself in order to walk with and help his fellow African Americans;
A wise man(human being) who follows the truth and not that which something seems nor temtations;
A wise man who will ride(be with you through thick and thin) for his fellow African Americans no matter what;
Not a snitch;
One who shows his love;
One who shows his loyalty;
"GD has become a catchphrase to some people and they seem to have lost what the authentic meaning of gangs(.) are.
by Anthony T. Holloman April 02, 2006
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Is how those who are too religious write "God". They do this, because they believe that writing "God" on something that could be destroyed is gonna earn them an eternity in hell, so the censor it.
Guy: "lol I believe in God, so must write "G-d" so he doesn't get mad at me lol"
by Factoid McHakt0id August 19, 2006
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the realist mother fuckin set ever 2 hit the streets
dont fuck with gd's less ya want ya cap pilt
by Dirty-G October 05, 2003
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