"I have the perfect plan for tomorrow, beach then strawberry picking for smoothies!" - person 1

"I can't, I'm going to Georgia for 3 weeks" - person 2
"GD!!" - person 1
by CAweeeehoooo July 10, 2009
Gangsta Disciples. Part of the folk Nation.6 point star.Star of King David.Colors black and blue. Chicago Based.South Side originally. pitchforks up. Tha illest muthafuckas on ya block. Everything to the right. Most money is made from slangin boulders up the blocks of the midwest mostly. Larry hoover, david barksdale. BOSS= Brothers of the strong struggle.
by Wesley Wilson February 7, 2004
General Discusion, one of the many forums on Gaiaonline.com. Often refered to as the GD, or the GeeDee, the GD normally doesn't have much discusion in it. Half troll-turf, half prommie-land, all insanity.
Wow, since when has the ED been sending the n00bs to the GD?
by Slightly Kitsch May 5, 2007
Gangster Disciple, a chicago based gang belonging to the folks nation. Their colors are black and blue, all gang identifiers and symbols are worn to the right of the body. The six pointed star of David, and the upward facing pitchfork are commonly used as a symbol.

See also BGD.
All of those guys are claiming GD over south.
by CD April 5, 2003
person: hey LTEDDY what does GD mean?
LTEDDY: uhh get diddled
by January 12, 2018
either an emo, fake indie, makes being gay they’re only personality trait, or will cancel you for ANYTHING. They’re also very greasy and prob do t shower.
“ do you that GDS kid, why are they greasy and emo
by shartius February 28, 2022
The acronym for the game "Geometry Dash" mostly used by people that are either too lazy or are used to tying that. This word is mostly used by Geometry Dash players and Geometry Dash youtubers that want to refer to the game so that Geometry Dash players understand.
Friend: Hey, want to play GD?
Me: Hell yeah!
by Syntex77 March 31, 2017