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General Discusion, one of the many forums on Often refered to as the GD, or the GeeDee, the GD normally doesn't have much discusion in it. Half troll-turf, half prommie-land, all insanity.
Wow, since when has the ED been sending the n00bs to the GD?
by Slightly Kitsch May 05, 2007
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Abbreviation for “Dude Arguing Online”.

Plural: “DAOs”

Coined by Twitter user @karakittel.
Would the internet exist without DAOs? Sadly, I don’t think so.
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by monkeylabor June 13, 2021
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A popular forum on a lameass anime roleplay site called GaiaOnline. The General Discussion or GD is filled with trolls, prommies, wannabe prommies, faggots, tween girls, sexy women, muscular men, nerds, trolls, spammers, weaboos, stoners, scenefags, and just about every other class of human. We go here and discuss our lives and get attached and then you find yourself pretty fucking addicted, making it impossible to leave.
The GD,

Often seen topics:

she's soooo pretty PICDROP
wtf is this shit UGGODROP
Substance Abuse
my life sucks suicide note inside
i made another video for you guys viddrop
ATTENTION GRABBER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
& other shit no one gives a fuck about
& then the occasional entertaining thread
& then sometimes even
by another GDer August 16, 2010
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