A useless class in highschool. A class where they try to teach us stuff we already know and practice. Also, where they try to scare you out of having sex with pictures of diseased genitals.
Omg, I am supposed to use a condom?! I would have NEVER known! Sex Education is so helpful!
by TheMusicsLoud February 20, 2012
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Another reason for adults to criticize teenagers.
Also a fortune telling class for many students.
Dude. Sex Education sucks.
by foshizznizzbodizzle January 29, 2009
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A person with extensive knowledge and experience who teaches instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual activity, reproductive health, emotional relations, reproductive rights and responsibilities, sexual abstinence, and birth control. Common avenues for sex education are parents or caregivers, formal school programs, and public health campaigns.
There are only a few notable sex educators in main stream media: Dr Ruth, Ava Cadall and Miss Lola Bastinado.
by ChrisJennings May 13, 2015
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