2 definitions by AN EPIC DUDE

G reat
C big
S fucking
E gay exams in the summer that if you fuck up you fail at life

They are very hard and im writing this now because I'm procrastinating from revision...
Man: Wow GCSES are hard
Other person: nO ThEY ARe nOT uR JUsT DuMB
Man: *shanks other person with compass*
by AN EPIC DUDE January 31, 2019
An epic male that is extremely hot and a womaniser. He gets all the woman and all the men. Is weird but in a funny way, and is friends with almost everyone, even though he's a dick sometimes. He is an epic dude.

This was written by Finn.

pls help i am very lonely
Wow, Finn is such an epic guy, I wish I was him :(
by AN EPIC DUDE January 31, 2019