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Prog metal (which means Progress Metal) is the form of Metal that is going to help rock take over the world. Death Metal is included in Prog Metal.
Stratovatus were great, I sure do love prog metal more than nu-metal!
by Nudger January 2, 2004
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ajidiadjioads is a word that is made when randomly bashing your keyboard. Other words include sdfsdfd, jasdoi, and asdjia.
Wow, I ajidiadjioads I could ajidiadjioadsing get that ajidiadjioads, I'm ajidiadjioadsing fed up of this ajidiadjioads of ajidiadjioads!
by Nudger January 3, 2004
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The new album from Finnish metal band Nightwish. Much more experimental than previous albums, but still unmistakably Nightwish.
My god, Once is so damn good.
by Nudger June 8, 2004
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Exams that all UK students are demanded to take. They're not fun and are veryboring, just like a pop concert.
Shit - I really screwed up my maths GCSE.
by Nudger January 11, 2004
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Basically, Shit Music is anything that is talentless drivel that took a professional song writer seconds to write. pop music is a fine example of this.
by Nudger December 6, 2003
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Down with the Sickness is one of the greatest albums of all time, from one of the best bands ever, Disturbed. They are not shit music, and neither is Sickness.
"Down with the Sickness is so much better than your shitty music collection"
by Nudger December 9, 2003
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A brit rock band, who have released the album 'Overgrown Eden', which was ok.
InMe are ok but not that good.
by Nudger January 2, 2004
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