One of the fatest, best designed, and most efficient processors ever developed as of August 2003. Most Pee-cee windoze oozers get scared and insecure when this is mentioned and resort to their infernal cry of "OMG APPLE CHEETED ON THOSE BENCHMARKS CUZ UH MACS R SLOW YAH DEY SUX!"
Even though none of them can provide any solid evidence to support the idea that Apple skewed the benchmarks, all wintel users everywhere agree that they must have done so because macs can NEVER be faster than pcs, right?
G5's are way, way, faster than Pentiums!
by Kerrigore August 04, 2003
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An adjective derived from the G5 by Mac, the world's fastest word processor. It has now expanded as an umbrella term used as an adjective synonymous with "super fast". It has also been used as a noun for anything fast.
Used as an adjective in Mariah Carey's song "Clown" off her 2002 "Charmbracelet" almbum: "My g-5 20 minutes wasn't nothin'".

Used as a noun in Jesse McCartney's new 2008 single "Leavin'": "Girl we flying on a g-5, g-5".
by Andrew Kennedy Garber May 09, 2008
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A group of people with the common interest of smoking marijuana in public places... car parks, streets etc. Originated in the North East of England (2010.)
Look at those G5'ers they've smoked so much I think the blonde girl is going to collapse!
by G5err December 05, 2010
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A badass hunting equipment company
Shit you can't even buy at Walmart

Mentioned in Jesse McCartney's song "Leavin'"
Why don’t you tell him that I’m leavin’ never to come back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
no more making you cry, no more them gray skies
girl we flying on the G5 G5
by Siomha May 07, 2008
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1.) A group of Students:
D-LuX,SeaBass,Mr.AssMan,Suicide King,And J'Me

2.) Ray Alen
As Ray Alen used to say "bend your Knees and do the G5"
by G_ October 24, 2008
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IS the official date rape drug of jesse mccartney. In his song leavin he claims he is "flying on g-5" and a scared girl thinks she's gonna be raped. The room turns white when it is taken.
Leavin- Jesse Mccartney flyin on G-5
by Jesse Mccartney buttsects August 08, 2008
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