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A man pretending to be a woman, or vice versa
"That ain't no woman! OMG ITS A SHIM!"
by Kerrigore September 21, 2003

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Used to describe someone who uses statistics to boost their own ego.
"You are so egostatistical!"
by Kerrigore July 14, 2003

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A copy-cat site that ripped off Apple's iTunes Music Store's look, feel, and commercials completely. Fortunately it is buggy, overpriced, and doesn't support iPods so no one will use it.
"I bought a song at buymusic.com and then it wouldn't play or transfer!"
"I bought an album on buymusic.com for $10 more than on iTunes music store!"
"Wow, buymusic.com's ads are exactly like apple's ads... that came out... 2 months earlier..."
by Kerrigore August 04, 2003

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A new OS (10.3) for mac, far superior to any before it. Improved features, speed, stability... Fourth major OS revision in 3 years. Gets bashed by Windows users who have never used anything above OS9.
I installed Panther on my G4 Tower and it hasn't crashed since!
by Kerrigore December 03, 2003

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One of the fatest, best designed, and most efficient processors ever developed as of August 2003. Most Pee-cee windoze oozers get scared and insecure when this is mentioned and resort to their infernal cry of "OMG APPLE CHEETED ON THOSE BENCHMARKS CUZ UH MACS R SLOW YAH DEY SUX!"
Even though none of them can provide any solid evidence to support the idea that Apple skewed the benchmarks, all wintel users everywhere agree that they must have done so because macs can NEVER be faster than pcs, right?
G5's are way, way, faster than Pentiums!
by Kerrigore August 04, 2003

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