1) Public Relations
2) Personal Record
3) Pull Request (software engineering lingo on Github)
A: My business is just not getting recognition.
B: Have you tried to hire PR?

C: How'd you do at the track meet? Any PRs?
D: Yeah! I PRd on my triple jump : D

E: If you find any issues with my code, feel free to submit a PR!
F: I found an issue. Let me fix the code locally, git add, commit, merge, commit, push, and send the repo maintainer a git pull to request that they merge my improvements with their mainline codebase...
by رياض February 06, 2018
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"joe is handling the PR for the that party right?"
by Jonathan Tibbs February 21, 2005
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1) Public relations

2) puerto rican

3) personal record

4) pic related; in a post, with a relativly large added 'story' no-one would read this, unless you have an image, if related; PR, if non related; PNR. If non related the picture was just added to draw readers
1) Jennifer works public relations for McDonalds

2) Look at Jose, drunk as hell, what a pr!

3) I beated my pr dude! 3 seconds faster than last time!

4) I got my foot stuck in a sewer, pr.
by GraingerIV February 23, 2009
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1)noun) Runner's jargon for Personal Record, which is a person's best time in a particular event.

2)verb) To achieve a PR
1) My PR for the mile is 4:54

2) I PRed yesterday by three seconds
by Natolya Koksanov April 08, 2006
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PRS stands for Penn. State Paranormal Research Society, the group on Paranormal State that airs on many channels, including available on Insight OnDemand through "The Free Spot > A&E"

They are known for helping people in ridding their homes of the paranormal, such as ghosts, demons, and other spirits.

Their show typically airs for 30 minutes, and they have about 40 episodes so far.
Nut: Did you watch PRS last night?
Sack: What's PRS?
Nut: Ah, well I'm going to put it in UrbanDictionary so you morons can know what I'm talking about, I'm getting tired of being asked, but it means Paranormal Research Society/Paranormal State.
Sack: Oh, well lets' have sex tomorrow baby.
Nut: I'm all for it, but I have to watch PRS first.
by Oilik March 02, 2009
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Post Relationship Sluttiness. The phenomenon in which a girl, after leaving a relatively long relationship, begins trying to flirt and subsequently hook up with every guy they see or know.
Guy 1: After Laura broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years, she went through 3 other guys in a matter of weeks.

Guy 2: That bitch got a classic case of PRS.
by david trezeguet July 28, 2007
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