The fifth generation (Get it? Generation 5?) of the PowerPC Archecture that was pioneered by Apple, Motorola, and IBM. Also known as the PPC (PowerPC) 970. IBM alone makes this chip which borrows somewhat from Motorola's G4 and IBM's own Power4. Said to be the first 64 bit processor for personal computers and has a 2:1 processor frequency/front side bus ratio. For instance, a 2.0 GHz G5 has a FSB of 1.0 GHz. It is currently used in IBM's own BladeCenter servers and Apple's PowerMac, Xserve, and is rumored to debut in the iMac soon. While Apple has yet to ship a true 64 bit OS, Mac OS 10.2.7 and up uses 64 bit extensions which allows it to break the 4 GB barrier of 32 bit chips and address a full 8 GB memory. Due to excessive heat, the 2.5 GHz G5 had to be liquid cooled and a Powerbook version isn't expected soon. At its debut it used a 130 nanometer process but the 2.5 GHz model and the Xserve models use a smaller 90 nm process. A couple Supercomputer clusters have been built utilizing the G5, including Virginia Tech University, COSLA (a US Army contractor), and now UCLA.
Dude, that G5 owns your Pentium!
The G5 is the fifth generation of the PowerPC line.
by W33D4Sale July 05, 2004
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Processor made by IBM and used by Apple Computers Inc. Billed as the first "64 bit personal computer", which was of course immediately misinterpreted as "First 64 Bit Computer Ever". Despite very fair benchmarks, peecee users found many incoherent arguments to make against them. Slightly dated now, but upgrades are expected in the coming months... and they will likely knock the competition out of the water. A supercomputer composed of 1,100 G5's was assembled by Virginia Tech., and proceeded to place 3rd in the world, coming in just over 10.2 Teraflops... at a price (5.2 Million) a mere fraction of its competitors. Despite still being in its marketing infancy, the G5 has a long and illustrious future ahead of it as the flagship processor of Apple Computers. It has already been a hit with much of the Film Industry, and indeed many other arts industries. Can be found on many television shows and ads with a sticker over the apple symbol :D

Mac User: That was a corporate server. This is the first 64-bit PERSONAL computer processor.


Mac User: That hasn't been proven.


Mac User: Then why did a supercomputer composed of them place so well?
by Joe Mac May 10, 2004
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Fastest and most efficient processor ever. Created by Apple and IBM, after Apple ditched Motorola (A cell phone company) and callaborated with IBM to form the G5. The only current mac to have the G5 processor is the Powermac G5, and most people often refer to the powermac as just the "G5." The G5 is not exactly the most liked Mac by other Mac users, but everyone knows that it is indeed the fastest. Several nicknames for the G5 exist, these include: Cheese grater, Refrig-o-mac, PC, ugly shit. These are usually due to the fact that its not the most pretty Mac around. And its big boxy nature. The term cheese grater was formed because the front of the Powermac G5 has tiny holes, which make it look like a cheese grater.
Damn foo' look at that huge cheese grater, I mean G5.
This G5 is a very very fast personal computer.
by Marijuana August 06, 2004
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An Exceedingly hot computer processor. So inefficient that Apple couldn't use it in its laptops. The biggest reason for the PPC to Intel transition.
G5 User: Dude, my iMac has a G5, it's 64-bit!
Me (Aka G3 User): Wow, my iBook is a G3 and it runs better and with less power than yours!
G5 User: Wow, it's hard to believe that Mac users can hate each other!
by Fizzler December 20, 2006
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G5 Howitzer

The G5 Howitzer is a South African towed indirect artillery battery. It was introduced in 1981. It has an engine, which allows it to go about 16km/h for short distances. The engine also controls trails and firing platform. There is no power traverse or elevation. The G5 can be fired in most terrains, including soft or sandy.

Type: semi-mobile indirect artillery
Dimensions: length 11m; width 8.7m; height 2.3m
Diameter: 155mm
Caliber: 45
Tow Speed: on-road 90km/h; off-road 50km/h; cross-country 15km/h
Self-Propelled Speed: on-road 16km/h; off-road INA; cross-country 3km/h
Direct Range: 3km
Indirect Range: 40km
Rate of Fire: 2 rpm
The G5 fired a long range round at the advancing Cuban forces.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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The processor used in Apples Power Macintosh G5. The G5 is the first 64 bit personal computer, though its not the first 64 bit computer. (read: not a sun system, but a computer common people use)Like most companies, Apple overexaderates the power of the G5, but even without Apple PR's help can toast most other PC processors available on the market today.
The PowerMac G5 is among the most powerful personal computers available to the public today.
by gguru1 December 03, 2003
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