G-Dub is simply the best. Did you see that fuck wit Kerry try and beat him? The only people who voted for him were liberal losers who don't understand simple political concepts.
by 'rado May 14, 2005
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G-Dub(Gee DUBB)
abbreviation for the popular CORPG Guild Wars
first used buy the RA legend Ong Bak Monk
and Kamakazi the famous it is now used all througout guild wars
"i was up untill 4'o clock in the morning last niget playing G-DUB"
by joshua morales September 18, 2006
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1. (n.) George W. Bush
2. (n.) A grown man with the intelligence and charisma of a 5 year old boy
3. (n.) A incredibly clever, yet clinically retarded human
4. (n.) An insult that implies the insultee is any of those listed above
No you g-dub, that's where you put the antifreeze, not the motor oil!
by 25 March 27, 2005
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The nickname for the sports teams of Glenbard West High School. Also a nickname for George W. Bush.
"Did you see G-dub's speech last night?"
by Centennialsky March 16, 2006
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GANGSTA, GANGSTA! (Which is Dubble g's)
Gangsta, gangsta (G DUB)- a song by Lil' Scrappy
RyBo so G DUB he eats cereal without da milk.
by RyBo June 24, 2006
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I really wanted to fuck James but I heard he's got a raging case of the G Dubs.
by Alice Hearts October 5, 2007
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