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An act of sexual congress in which a man takes a virgin home and (trading in an ax for a much harder tool), destroys her cherry tree.

Before finishing, the man pulls out and lets loose a cum eruption on the former virgin's head. Lastly, he tosses a handful of baby powder on her hair, which combines with the baby juice to take on the look of a powdered wig.
"Man, that's probably not the way Joe's sister thought she'd lose her virginity, but I think she mostly enjoyed the George Washington I gave her this weekend."
by Suite Lover August 19, 2014
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a.) Any transaction using one dollar bills; paying somebody off with one dollar bills.
b.) Any dance commonly performed in urban areas by suburban kids who have no idea how to dance.
c.) the act of snitching; in reference to "I cannot tell a lie."
a.) Greg: I felt so bad yesterday. I had to pay for my burger with a credit card because i didnt have any thing over a $1.

Bill: Dude, next time just do the George Washington.

b.) James: Dude, that kid over there sucks so bad at dancing!

Kareem: I know. Man, hes totally doing the George Washington.

c.) Rudy: Why are we taking out Freddie again?

Bruno: Dunno. But word on the street says he did the George Washington.
by Franco Del Marco September 17, 2006
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The George Washington is an uncommon act that two men can perform together. It involves a large body of water, and the ability to hold your breath for up to a minute while experiencing the sexual pleasure of oral sex. One of the men is underwater, in a handstand like position while the other sensually plays with his male parts. Either performing a blow job or if physically capable, butt sex.
I was totally disgusted when i looked out my window and saw my neighbors doing the George Washington!

Hey, its awfully hott out, wanna George Washington tonight?
by Trackgrl923 April 27, 2011
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